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Orasis – Eye analytics and Rehabilitation

REMOBI : The new technologies to improve your vision

Orasis EAR develops a multi-sensory tablet integrating embedded training algorithms and protocols to both diagnose and re-educate binocular vision optimally. Coupled with a video-oculography and a platform of analysis of the eye movements the orthoptist can obtain the graphical and quantitative report of the patient almost immediately.

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Our statement

More than 38% of the population suffer from discomfort and visual strain, associated with headaches and concentration problems, and even balance problems. Those symptoms are frequently link to their prolonged work on small screens, and can have devastating effects on children and school-based learning, as well as on workers or even on elderly people.

So how can we deal with this problem ? There’s about 4000 orthoptists in France, 12000 in Europe, who assist the physicians in the ophtalmology department/offices. For decades orthoptists can initiate ocular motility rehabilitation, sharing a clinical expertise valuable to achieve this goal. Disposing modest means (pens, prism bar and sometimes synoptophore), practitioner use their creativity and their imagination to rehabilitate ocular motility, so that the brain may better see 3D space and so that the body may better navigate, without risk of fall, and so the children eyes may reed without strain.

Remobi : an eco-friendly and multi-sensory tablet, with onboard software

The brain learns to amplify the ocular vergences, to accelerate the trajectories and to focus fast on images. REMOBI stimulates the brain to better program vergence movement and image accomomdation. This technology is based on movement sciences and on neuroplasticity.

Video-sound folding tablet design

Video-oculographic record

REMOBI clinical mechanics

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An efficiency clinically proved

Studies characterize vergence disorders and explain the therapeutic benefits : after rehabilitation, lab research point this track is enhanced and variability is reduced.

This tool is highly expcted by the orthoptists, because its deployment will help their daily work, to obtain reproducible and efficient results, by an eco-friendly and a convenient technique.

Some specific training program are developed for the people suffering of amblyopia or DMLA, TDA ou dyslexia…

The team research funds to rationalize the production and put the table in the service of the health professionals.