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Some scientific results

Comparison of convergences and divergences among young students

Eye Movement Trajectory of a Healthy Student

Patient with vergence problems

Trajectory of this same patient after his rehabilitation with REMOBI

Comparison of convergences and divergences in children

Before neuro-rehabilitation

After 4 sessions of 15 minutes of neuro-rehabilitation with REMOBI

REMOBI re-education, in only 5 sessions, allows the brain to accelerate vergences, improve their accuracy, and accelerate the development of images. This results in a clear and clear vision immediately facilitating visual and cognitive treatment.
In the young, reading improves, their more agile and precise look captures the objects of interest located in space. The body itself, the postural balance is maintained with more ease (one measures by accelerometer a reduction of the average frequency of the oscillations bodily).
No other method brings so many benefits.
All this is possible because REMOBI is based on the neuroplasticity and on the neuroscience of the movement.

Study of the efficacy of REMOBI in 20 patients